Bad Banks

Bad Banks takes us on a breakneck journey into the highly complex system of a major bank. We meet protagonists who keep the circulation of the global financial economy going with varying motivations and high personal commitment, and yet are always in search of recognition. With them, we ask ourselves: What are you worth? What do you live for? And what price are you willing to pay?

Bad Banks: Episode 1- Fired

After being wrongly fired from a prestigious Luxembourg bank, Jana Liekam finds her dream job at a competing institution in Frankfurt thanks to unexpected help from Christelle Leblanc, her former boss.

Bad Banks: Episode 2 - Follow the Junk

Leblanc lures Jana with inside information about an imminent billion-euro deal that the industry knows nothing about yet: one of the largest urban development projects in Europe is to be refinanced.

Bad Banks: Episode 3 - The Man from London

Jana's research in Bahrain has revealed the existence of an illegal shell company. Leblanc wants Jana to provide her with evidence, in return for the investor she needs to complete the Leipzig deal.

Bad Banks: Episode 4 - Old Debts

Jana confronts Leblanc with evidence of the upcoming merger and her theory that Leblanc wants to discredit the head of investment banking Gabriel Fenger so that she can get the top post instead of him.

Bad Banks: Episode 5 - The Hardest Currency

Jana works doggedly under a renewed threat of dismissal. But after passing on her insider knowledge to an internet platform, she is brutally attacked and the proof of Leblanc's machinations is stolen.

Bad Banks: Episode 6 - The Lion's Den

The German government is forced to use taxpayers' money to support the merger and avert a financial crisis. Fenger is blamed for the illicit transactions and arrested. Has Leblanc made it to the top?