Winter Kills

Directed by William Richert
Year: 1979
Country: U.S.
Language: English

The Kegan family owns everything; 19 years after their paragon and President of the United States, Timothy Kegan, was assassinated by a lone gunman, his brother Nick (Jeff Bridges) discovers the identity of the killer. But not all is as it seems as the gunman dies in front of him, leading Nick to follow a trail of clues to a larger conspiracy right below everyone's feet.

Jeff Bridges
Anthony Perkins
Eli Wallach
Sterling Hayden
John Huston
Elizabeth Taylor
Dorothy Malone
Tomas Milian
Belinda Bauer
Ralph Meeker
Toshiro Mifune
Richard Boone
Brad Dexter
Joe Spinell
Tisa Farrow
Camilla Sparv
Erin Gray

Directed by William Richert