Virtual Reality

Directed by Hernán Findling
Year: 2021
Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish with English subtitles

Death and destruction reign down on a horror film’s cast and crew when murderous characters from the movie come alive. An indie film director schemes with his shady producer to make their recently completed movie a hit with the help of a mysterious artificial intelligence file. He invites his cast and crew to his house, but what begins as a celebratory screening of the final cut quickly turns to a bloodbath when the movie characters – including a sword-wielding, violence-loving Celtic knight – come alive and begin to exact their revenge on the innocents. This violent and gruesome meta horror film was directed by Hernan Findling (Impossible Crimes, 2019).

Vanesa González
Federico Bal
Christian Sancho
Guillermo Berthold

Directed by Hernán Findling