Two Men in Town

Directed by Rachid Bouchareb
Year: 2014
Running Time: 118 minutes
Country: France, Belgium
Language: English
English Closed Captions

Forest Whitaker stars as William Garnett, an ex-con starting life over as a recently converted Muslim. With the help of his determined parole officer (Brenda Blethyn), he gets a job, meets an interesting woman, and keeps his head down. But the town sheriff, Bill Agati (Harvey Keitel), can’t leave him alone since Garnett was responsible for killing his deputy. As Agati puts pressure on him, and his old partners in crime hassle him, Garnett slowly starts to unravel. When his former life catches up with him, Garnett has to make peace with his past and face the future head on, with a gun.

Forest Whitaker
Harvey Keitel
Brenda Blethyn
Luis Guzman
Ellen Burstyn
Dolores Heredia

Directed by Rachid Bouchareb