Twelve Thirty
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Twelve Thirty

Directed by Jeff Lipsky
Year: 2011
Country: U.S.
Language: English

There are three women in the Langley household: Vivien (Karen Young), the mother, is caught between a fierce independence and an almost agoraphobic attachment to home; seductive and confident Mel (Portia Reiners) is a 19-year-old mirror image of her mother; Maura (Mamie Gummer), 22, is alienated, afraid and unable to pinpoint her place in the world. They live together in a seemingly close household, yet each is very much alone. The once man-of-the-house, Martin (Reed Birney), left long ago to pursue a new way of life, but keeps a shadow presence: he maintains a comfortable erotic tie to his ex-wife and a tentative relationship with Mel. Maura has all but shunned him. The family’s status quo explodes when Jeff (Jonathan Groff) walks into their combustible, dysfunctional world.

‘Twelve Thirty’ is sexy and big-hearted and really gets under your skin. Karen Young's high-risk performance is so amazing! It's a vivid, potent, strange film, not like anything else. It confirms my sense that in terms of craft, command, narrative and thematic ambition, and a wide range of European and American influences, Lipsky is an utterly distinctive figure.” – Andrew O’Hehir,

Barbara Barrie
Reed Birney
Jonathan Groff
Rebecca Schull
Halley Feiffer
Karen Young
Mamie Gummer

Directed by Jeff Lipsky
Writer Jeff Lipsky