The Werewolf of Washington (Director's Cut)

Directed by Milton Moses Ginsberg
Year: 1973
Country: U.S.
Language: English
English Closed Captions

Watergate-era governmental corruption inspired this cinematic howl of anger from counter-culture auteur Milton Moses Ginsberg (Coming Apart). THE WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON is a biting satire that savagely attacks beltway politics while paying playful homage to the wolfman pictures of the past. Dean Stockwell (Blue Velvet) stars as a presidential aide whose rise to power is exacerbated by the bite of a wolf, transforming him into a bloodthirsty beast with the rising of every full moon. As history has shown, a monster in the White House is not strictly a 1970s phenomenon, and so, half a century later, THE WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON is as eviscerating and relevant as ever. This special Director’s Cut was prepared by Ginsberg shortly before his death in 2021.

Dean Stockwell
Biff McGuire
Jane House
Clifton James
Nancy Andrews
Michael Dunn

Directed by Milton Moses Ginsberg
Writer Milton Moses Ginsberg
Produced by Nina Schulman