The Treatment

Directed by Oren Rudavsky
Year: 2006
Country: U.S.
Language: English
English Closed Captions

Neurotic prep school English teacher Jake Singer (Chris Eigeman, Metropolitan) seeks therapy after he gets dumped. Along the way, he meets and woos a gorgeous and wealthy widow (Famke Janssen, GoldenEye) while his shrink (Ian Holm, The Lord of the Rings) – who may or may not be real – badgers him with Freudian mind games. Director Oren Rudavsky’s witty and sexy romantic comedy, based on a novel by Daniel Menaker, won Best Narrative Feature in the Made In New York section of the Tribeca Film Festival.

Chris Eigeman
Ian Holm
Famke Janssen

Directed by Oren Rudavsky