The Tibetan Book of the Dead Part 2: The Great Liberation

Directed by Barrie McLean
Year: 1994
Running Time: 45 minutes
Country: Canada

Death is real, it comes without warning and it cannot be escaped. An ancient source of strength and guidance, The Tibetan Book of the Dead remains an essential teaching originating in the spiritual cultures of the Himalayas. Narrated by Leonard Cohen, this enlightening two-part series explores the sacred text and boldly visualizes the afterlife according to its profound wisdom.

PART 2: THE GREAT LIBERATION follows an old lama and his novice monk as they guide a Himalayan villager into the afterlife using readings from The Tibetan Book of the Dead. The soul's 49-day journey towards rebirth is envisioned through actual photography of rarely seen Buddhist rituals, interwoven with groundbreaking animation by internationally acclaimed filmmaker Ishu Patel.

Leonard Cohen

Directed by Barrie McLean
Art Director Ishu Patel