The Man Without a World

Directed by Eleanor Antin
Year: 1992
Country: U.S.
Language: English, Silent/English intertitles

THE MAN WITHOUT A WORLD is a bold independent American film, the conceptual masterpiece of an important artist, a meditation on history, and a very funny and beautiful melodrama. Credited to the legendary (and imaginary) 1920s Soviet director, Yevgeny Antinov, the film was actually made by Eleanor Antin in 1991. This silent drama set in a Jewish shtetl, was Antin’s “love letter” to her mother, who had been an actress in the Yiddish theater. When a gypsy caravan and its lovely dancer (played by Antin herself) arrive in the village, the life of the shtetl dwellers — including Zionists, religious zealots, socialists, and lovers — is upended. But as the Jewish villagers pursue their dreams for the future, the Angel of Death is ever near...

Eleanor Antin
Pier Marton
Christine Berry
Anna Henriques
Marcia Goodman
Don Sommese

Directed by Eleanor Antin