The Lavender Hill Mob

Directed by Charles Crichton
Year: 1951
Country: U.K.
Language: English

Holland, a man dreaming of fame and fortune, is nearing his retirement after twenty years as a bank transfer agent for the delivery of gold bullion. One day, he befriends his neighbor Pendlebury, a maker of souvenirs. Holland notice that, with Pendlebury's smelting equipment, one could forge the gold into harmless-looking toy Eiffel Towers and smuggle the gold from England into France. Soon enough, the two find themselves embroiled in a life of crime, and together, the two of them must complete the con or die trying. Bafta Award for Best British Film. Starring Alec Guiness and Stanley Holloway.

Alec Guinness
Stanley Holloway
Sidney James
Audrey Hepburn
Alfie Bass
Marjorie Fielding
Edie Martin

Directed by Charles Crichton