The Invisible Fight

Directed by Rainer Sarnet
Year: 2023
Country: Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Finland
Language: Estonian with English subtitles

USSR-China border, 1973: Young soldier Rafael is on guard duty when the border falls under attack from flying Chinese kung fu warriors, leaving him as the sole survivor. Utterly fascinated by the long-haired martial artists who easily dispatched his fellow guards, all while blasting forbidden Black Sabbath music from their portable radio, Rafael is struck by a revelation: he too wants to become a kung fu warrior. Looking for mentorship but with limited options, faith leads Rafael to seek martial arts teachers at the most unlikely of places: the local Eastern Orthodox monastery, where the black-clad monks begin his training. With a skeptical mother, a rival monk, and a budding love interest pulling him in different directions, Rafael finds that his journey to unlock the greatest martial art of all – the almighty power of humility – is long, winding, and full of kick-ass adventures.

“Critic’s Pick! Satisfyingly blends kung fu, heavy metal and Orthodox Christianity. Remind[s] us that walking on water is a skill shared by both Jet Li and Jesus."

“Deliriously weird... crafted so lovingly and with a charming earnestness”

“An entertaining universe to be observed and relished…Estonian helmer Rainer Sarnet deploys an explosive mix of kung fu, heavy metal, and Orthodox Christianity.”

“The Invisible Fight” treats kung fu as comedy, landing like a cross between “Shaolin Soccer” and “Gymkata,” but with better production values … and Orthodox monks”.

Ursel Tilk
Ester Kuntu
Indrek Sammul
Kaarel Pogga

Directed by Rainer Sarnet
Writer Rainer Sarnet