The Blood Beast Terror

Directed by Vernon Sewell
Year: 1968
Country: U.K.
Language: English
English Closed Captions

A classically told monster movie directed by Vernon Sewell (Burke & Hare), THE BLOOD BEAST TERROR is set in motion when mutilated bodies begin appearing in the English countryside, drained of blood. Horror icon Peter Cushing (Horror of Dracula) stars as Detective Inspector Quennell, brought in to investigate the deaths. He consults entomology professor Mallinger (Robert Flemyng), but the doctor seems to be hiding a dark secret about his fetching young daughter, Clare (Wanda Ventham). The deeper Quennell digs into their story, the bloodier the violence, until he discovers a terrifying truth about Mallinger’s experiments that is only revealed in the gruesome final reel.

Peter Cushing
Wanda Ventham
Robert Flemyng
Vanessa Howard
David Griffin
Glynn Edwards
William Wildes
Kevin Stoney

Directed by Vernon Sewell
Writer Peter Bryan
Composed by Paul Ferris
Produced by Arnold L. Miller
Cinematographer Stanley A. Long