Terror 5
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Terror 5

Directed by Sebastián Rotstein, and Federico Rotstein
Year: 2017
Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish

While most of the residents of a small Argentinian town attend a funeral procession following a tragic building collapse, the few who do not will face terrors of their own in this mashup of urban legends from brothers-filmmakers Sebastián and Federico Rotstein. Think bondage, torture, zombies…and governmental corruption. Hernán and Gabriela, are going to a motel without realizing that inside the room, behind the mirror, there is something waiting for them. Lucio and Paulo have a plan to swap girlfriends without realizing what will really happen. A group of friends are watching a snuff movie ignoring that the real terror is sitting next to them. Juan attends a date with Sonia thinking he is going to get laid, when he realizes that she has bigger plans for him. As their primal urges distract them all, local officials are judged innocent of the neglect that caused the building collapse—and then the horror really begins.

Rafael Ferro
Jorge Prado
Gastón Cocchiarale
Walter Cornás
Lu Grasso

Directed by Sebastián Rotstein and Federico Rotstein