Speaking of Murder

Directed by Gilles Grangier
Year: 1957
Country: France
Language: French with English subtitles

SPEAKING OF MURDER a.k.a. LE ROUGE EST MIS – From acclaimed crime writer Auguste Le Breton (Rififi, Bob Le Flambeur) comes this gripping noir thriller starring cinema icon Jean Gabin (Rififi in Paris, The Sicilian Clan). Louis Bertain (Gabin) is the owner of a Paris garage which serves as a front for a gang of thieves. He and his accomplices are careful to keep up a civic veneer by day, indulging in criminal activities only when “the red light is on” at night. This status quo is upset when one of the gang members becomes convinced that Louis’ younger brother is a police informer. Featuring taut direction from Gilles Grangier (The Night Affair) and excellent supporting turns by Paul Frankeur (Touchez Pas Au Grisbi), Marcel Bozzuffi (Illustrious Corpses), Lino Ventura (The Valachi Papers) and Annie Girardot (Maigret Sets a Trap).

Jean Gabin
Paul Frankeur
Marcel Bozzuffi

Directed by Gilles Grangier