Silent Avant-Garde

Directed by Mary Ellen Bute, Warren A. Newcombe, Eduard Tisse, Stella Simon, Theodore Nemeth, Rrose Sélavy (pseudonym for Marcel Duchamp), Man Ray, Francis Thompson, Al Brick, Charles Sheeler, Joseph Cornell, Slavko Vorkapich, Paul Strand, George Melford, Jay Leyda, Fernand Leger, Bruce Posner, Robert J. Flaherty, Ralph Steiner, Dudley Murphy, William Vance, Charles Bryant, Sergei Eisenstein, Robert Florey, Orson Welles, Gaston Velle, Grigori Alexandrov, and Miklós Bándy
Year: 1920
Language: Engish Intertitles

SILENT AVANT-GARDE offers an essential collection of 21 short art film experiments made from 35mm and 16mm picture elements. Highlights include brand new digital restorations of classic experimental films, The Enchanted City (1922), Return to Reason (1923), Ballet Mechanique (1924, 1931), The Twenty-Four Dollar Island (1925), Eisenstein Mexican Footage (1930), Escape, Synchromy No. 4 (1938), The Eclipse (1936-1949), Look Park (1973), and Tenga fe (2022). Each film features a brilliant accompaniment
of original silent film music specially prepared, composed, improvised and/ or performed by a master of experimental new music.

SILENT AVANT-GARDE desires to focus on the creative possibilities of image, sound, and silence used in American-made experimental films of the 20th century.

Orson Welles

Directed by Paul Strand, Warren A. Newcombe, Gaston Velle, Charles Bryant, Bruce Posner, George Melford, Joseph Cornell, Francis Thompson, Theodore Nemeth, Mary Ellen Bute, Orson Welles, William Vance, Dudley Murphy, Fernand Leger, Robert J. Flaherty, Charles Sheeler, Man Ray, Stella Simon, Miklós Bándy, Robert Florey, Ralph Steiner, Jay Leyda, Slavko Vorkapich, Al Brick, Rrose Sélavy (pseudonym for Marcel Duchamp), Eduard Tisse, Grigori Alexandrov and Sergei Eisenstein