Pin-Down Girl (Blonde Pick-Up)

Directed by Robert C. Dertano
Year: 1951
Country: U.S.
Language: English
English Closed Captions

By the late 1940s, exploitation producers such as George Weiss (Test Tube Babies, Glen or Glenda?) drifted away from the pseudo-educational framework of the genre and began producing risqué crime melodramas. No films better represent the “mainstreaming” of exploitation than GIRL GANG and PIN-DOWN GIRL, and no actor was more suited to such low-grade potboilers than deadpan baritone Timothy Farrell. A return to the gymnasium setting of Weiss and Farrell’s The Devil’s Sleep, PIN-DOWN GIRL stars Peaches Page as a woman caught in the vice-riddled world of female wrestling. PIN-DOWN GIRL was mastered in 2K from a 35mm re-release version (The Blonde Pick-Up).

Timothy Farrell
Peaches Page
Clara Mortensen

Directed by Robert C. Dertano
Produced by George Weiss