Memory of the Dead
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Memory of the Dead

Directed by Valentin Javier Diment
Year: 2013
Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish w/English subtitles

A stylish supernatural shocker that has been a hit at film festivals around the world. Argentina’s MEMORY OF THE DEAD boasts some terrifying FX setpieces bathed in a candy-colored visual palette that makes Mario Bava’s gothic classics look monochromatic by comparison. Following the sudden death of her husband, Alicia assembles all his friends at a vast country manor for a reading of his final letter. But Alicia also has other plans in mind – helping her husband return from the grave with a spell that will put all of the gathered guests in mortal danger. Scary, hysterical and packed with mind-boggling visuals, MEMORY OF THE DEAD is the cinematic equivalent of a funhouse ride.

Matias Marmorato
Lola Berthet
Gabriel Guity

Directed by Valentin Javier Diment