Le Professionnel (The Professional)

Directed by Georges Lautner
Year: 1981
Country: France
Language: French

Assassinating high-profile targets is old hat for French Secret Service agent Josselin Beaumont (Jean-Paul Belmondo). But when his assignment to take down African warlord N'Jala (Pierre Saintons) is given the boot, he's shocked to learn that his government is surrendering him to local authorities.

Beaumont finds himself sentenced to 20 years hard labor. But Beaumont escapes from prison and vows not only to avenge himself against his betrayers, but to complete his original assignment.

Jean-Paul Belmondo
Robert Hossein
Jean Desailly
Cyrielle Clair
Elisabeth Margoni
Marie-Christine Descouard
Michel Beaune
Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu

Directed by Georges Lautner