Kamikaze Hearts
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Kamikaze Hearts

Directed by Juliet Bashore
Year: 1986
Country: U.S.
Language: English
English Closed Captions

Alternately distressing, instructive, contestable, and fascinating, Juliet Bashore’s quasi-documentary plunge into the 1980s porn industry takes an unsparing look at issues of misogyny, drug abuse, and exploitation via the story of two women—the naive newcomer Tigr and her partner, the magnetic, imperious porn veteran Sharon Mitchell — caught in a toxic romance.

By turns mesmerizing and unsettling, Kamikaze Hearts is both a fascinating record of pre-gentrification San Francisco’s X-rated underground and an intense, searing love story. The film offers a disturbing glimpse of the modification of bodies, feelings, and lives.

New restoration.

“Swift, complex and altogether challenging. A tempestuous, non-fiction love story. A wry sense of humor and compassion.”

“Alternately distressing, instructive, contestable, and fascinating. A disturbing glimpse of the modification of bodies, feelings, and lives.”

“No taboos left to break. Only the camera, with verité charm, trembles during kisses here.”

“Vibrant, gritty, enthralling.”


Tigr Mennett
Sharon Mitchell
Jon Martin
Sparky Vasque
Jerry Abrahms

Directed by Juliet Bashore