It Happened Tomorrow

Directed by René Clair
Year: 1944
Running Time: 85 minutes
Country: U.S.
Language: English

What would happen if someone could get tomorrow’s newspaper headlines today? This charming period comedy tells the story of a reporter (Dick Powell) who wishes he could scoop his colleagues by knowing about events before they occur. When a mysterious old man gives him the news a day in advance, his life is turned upside down. Racing to prevent a headline predicting his own death, he gets mixed up with a beautiful fortune teller (Linda Darnell) and her overprotective uncle (Jack Oakie). IT HAPPENED TOMORROW was acclaimed French director René Clair’s (Beauty of the Devil) follow up to his equally enchanting I Married a Witch, both made during his exile in Hollywood during World War II. Clair’s famous whimsical style is evident in this cautionary tale; be careful—what you wish for might come true. This sparkling black and white film was restored from a 4K scan.

"Engaging fantasy, flawlessly made and quietly very entertaining." - Halliwell's Film Guide

Dick Powell
Linda Darnell
Jack Oakie
Edgar Kennedy

Directed by René Clair