Free Zone

Directed by Amos Gitai
Year: 2005
Country: Israel, France, Belgium, Spain
Language: English, Hebrew, Arabic, and Spanish with English subtitles

Rebecca (Natalie Portman), an American who has been living in Jerusalem for a few months now, has just broken off her engagement. She gets into a cab driven by Hanna (Hanna Laslo), an Israeli. But Hanna is on her way to Jordan, to the Free Zone, to pick up a large sum of money that "the American", her husband's partner, owes them. Rebecca persuades Hanna to take her along. When they reach the Free Zone, Leila (Hiam Abbass), a Palestinian, explains that the American isn't there and that the money has vanished....

Natalie Portman
Hanna Laslo
Hiam Abbass

Directed by Amos Gitai