Death In Buenos Aires
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Death In Buenos Aires

Directed by Natalia Meta
Year: 2014
Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish w/ English Subtitles
Optional Spanish Subtitles

The biggest hit of the year in its native Argentina, DEATH IN BUENOS AIRES is a gripping police thriller about corruption, paranoia, and the secret gay lives of the wealthy elite of Buenos Aires during the politically tumultuous 1980s. At the scene of a murder of one of the city's high society figures, veteran police inspector Chavez (Academy Award nominee, A Better Life, 2011) Demian Bichir, runs into Gomez (Chino Darin), a.k.a. “El Ganso” (The Goose), a handsome young rookie cop with dreams of advancement. When Chavez uncovers that the murder may be linked to a small-time hustler, and the gay nightclub La Manila, the detective sends the rookie undercover to pose as a gay newcomer on the prowl for an older benefactor. As they come close to luring out the killer, the erotic charge of their new surroundings triggers changes in both Chavez and Gomez. Director Natalia Meta's deeply involving debut film delivers rich, multi-faceted characters that match the complexity of its riveting story.

Demián Bichir
Chino Darín
Carlos Casella

Directed by Natalia Meta
Writer Natalia Meta