Dead Dicks
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Dead Dicks

Directed by Chris Bavota, and Lee Paula Springer
Year: 2019
Country: Canada
Language: English
English Closed Captions

This light-hearted, metaphysical sci-fi horror film is a bizarre celebration of death, resurrection and insanity. Think "Harold and Maude" meets "Groundhog Day" as directed by Alain Resnais (Last Year at Marienbad). Richie is a suicidal young man who, every time he kills himself, finds himself very much alive but with a dead body of him in his apartment. His sister comes to the rescue, but as the bodies pile up, the pair think that a vagina-like opening in Richie's bedroom might hold the answer.

Heston Horwin
Jillian Harris
Matt Keyes
Kristina Sandev
Leyda Aleyli

Directed by Chris Bavota and Lee Paula Springer