Colonel Redl

Directed by Istvan Szabo
Year: 1984
Country: Hungary, Germany, Austria
Language: German

Set in the lead up to WWI, Hungarian master István Szabó's Cannes Grand Jury-winning COLONEL REDL charts the rise of Alfred Redl to head of counter-intelligence of the Austro-Hungarian Army. His hidden homosexuality, however, is used against him by enemies of the state, putting both his professional standing and his country's security in dire straits. The film was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film in 1985, the third of four such Academy Award nominations Szabó's films earned. Sparkling new 4k restoration by the Hungarian Film Fund.

"At the center is Klaus Maria Brandauer delivering a dazzling, virtuoso performance."
- The Times  
- David Denby, New York Magazine 
"Visually brilliant...Brandauer at his very best."
- David Sterritt, Christian Science Monitor  

Klaus Maria Brandauer
Armin Muller-Stahl
Gudrun Landgrebe
Jan Niklas
Dorottya Udavaros
Hans-Christian Blech

Directed by Istvan Szabo