Brave Girls

Directed by Yashaswi Desai, and Ellie Walton
Year: 2019
Language: Gujarati, English subtitles

For Karishma, Apsana and Samira, going back to school to complete their secondary education represented a seismic shift in worldview and a reappraisal of what their lives could become. But as final exams approached, their families began preparations for their weddings. Immediately, they were forced to choose between their evolving dreams and their obligations to their community. Apsana broke her arranged engagement the day before her wedding to continue her education; Karishma made an unthinkable choice by running away and marrying a forbidden love; Samira accepted her fate and married as was expected of her, leaving her family behind. These stories combined show the complexity that emerges on the path to self-determination within a conservative, Muslim town in Gujarat, India. At once inspiring and frustrating, BRAVE GIRLS neatly captures the extraordinary challenge of breaking with cultural tradition.

Directed by Yashaswi Desai and Ellie Walton