Blue Family
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Blue Family

Directed by Guillermo Iván, and Ben Loggins
Year: 2014
Country: Belgium
Language: English
English Closed Captions

An absorbing, if unsettling, thriller based on true events, BLUE FAMILY follows the attractive and personable used car salesman Armando as he works on creating a perfect family. For underneath his sunny disposition, lies a dark secret. In an attempt to make up for a childhood of abuse and the family he never had, he hand picks his own family by kidnaping three attractive young women. Julia, Jessica and Erin are imprisoned in his basement while the young man deludes himself into thinking they want to be there. Trapped for years by this raging psychopath, the woman feel freedom is finally from this house of horrors is a possibility when Armando’s brother Daniel is brought into the circle. But is he just as deranged as his brother? Director/star Guillermo Iván presents a compelling and scary world where hope, however dim, remains alive.

Steven Bellairs
Nancy Chartier
Erin Fogel

Directed by Guillermo Iván and Ben Loggins
Writers Amy Acosta and Guillermo Iván