Aces: Iron Eagle III

Directed by John Glen
Year: 1992
Country: U.K., U.S.
Language: English

Chappy Sinclair is back! This time, his help has been requested by a woman from a South American village, whose home has been taken over by a Nazi-turned-cocaine-dealer. When Chappy seeks out help from the Air Force, he finds out the proud American institution has been corrupted by the Nazi's partners-in-crime. Joining up with three of his ageing comrades, Chappy commandeers a squad of vintage fighter planes and flies to the woman's homeland to save the day.

Louis Gossett Jr.
Rachel McLish
Sonny Chiba
Horst Buchholz
Mitchell Ryan
Paul Freeman
Christopher Cazenove
Fred Dalton Thompson
Rob Estes
J.E. Freeman
Tom Bower
Phill Lewis
Ray 'Boom Boom' Mancini
Juan Fernández

Directed by John Glen